midweek fellowship

There are few things that warm our hearts and reinvigorate our souls more than fellowship with the body of Christ. If you are looking for something for everyone in the family and more fellowship with your church family, the answer is here.

First, we enjoy a meal together, one that is provided by the church. The regular gathering of the church for a fellowship meal is not only ancient, but likely Biblical. There is no charge for dinner, but any donation is a huge blessing, one that will help this ministry of food and fellowship continue.

Secondly, there will be something for everyone in the family. Adults will meet in our men's and women's Bible studies, which are in addition to the Tuesday morning sessions. Our students will meet as a large group in the Burrow, while children in kindergarten through fifth grade will have a children's choir. A preschool class and nursery will also be provided during this time. 

Third, because our lives are busy and it can be difficult to add something else to a hectic schedule, our midweek fellowship will operate in nine-week cycles. Our Fall Session will meet from September to early November, giving everyone space for the holidays before we pick back up in the Spring. 

During this season as we search for the man whom the Lord will bring as our new Senior Pastor, we are shepherding towards fellowship and unity. It is our prayer that the Lord would bless this time in bringing us together as a church, both physically and spiritually. The main way that you can help is simply to be present.

Our next session of MidWeek Fellowship will begin in September, 2024!