Worship During the Corona Virus


9:30 am in the Zion Christian Academy Upper School Gym


  • Masks: Please wear masks into the building and when you leave. Please put your mask on to sing. You may remove it at all other times.
  • Entrance: We will leave the door propped open to limit contact. They will be closed during the service, and reopened at the end.
  • Hand Sanitizer: There will be bottles placed around the sanctuary and gym. But, bring your own if you have it too.
  • Communion: We will celebrate the Lord's Supper each week for the foreseeable future. We will be using prepackaged cups for sanitary reasons. These will be placed on your seat along with the worship guide when you arrive. The persons putting these out will be wearing gloves and masks. If you need gluten-free bread, you can find those available on the side table as you come into the gym.
  • Exit: Many people are leaving out the main doors and fellowshipping after the service outdoors. This seems to be much safer than fellowshipping inside the building. If you would like to avoid this crowd, there is an exit in the back of the gym that you can go out.

info for kids

Dear Parents, 


As you know, Zion is resuming public worship this Sunday, May 24. We miss you all, and we are looking forward to seeing you again. We realize that this is going to be a new situation with its own challenges, so we wanted to present our general layout as it pertains to children. Please know that if you choose to wait to return to worship, we will still be live-streaming and we fully respect your decision.


We will not have nursery or Kid’s Worship. We will have chairs set up in the gym with good social distancing; some rows will have several seats and others fewer to provide for different-sized households. Seats on the far side of the room will have space to their right for a quilt if you would prefer to have a small child have room to play with quiet toys. The gym is being thoroughly cleaned during the week. We will have access to the restrooms down the back hall, as well as the media room at the end of the hall where you could take a “busy” child. A classroom off of the media room will have rockers for nursing mothers and there will be a changing station set up. 


A few things to consider: this will be a new, somewhat strange environment. Seats are far apart; it’s a loud room with bright lights; adults will be wearing masks. Our kids cannot run and hug and play as they are used to. This is a unique time, and our children are adapting to change every day. Seeing consistency in their parents’ faith will speak volumes to them, but that can be accomplished many ways. Please consider your children’s temperament and anxiety levels, pray, and make the best decision for them at this time. 


Jesus said, “Let the little children come unto me, and forbid them not.” We love our covenant children, and we want to do whatever it takes to help them and you be in worship. Many of you have your kids in the entire service regularly. We do expect that some children will need to step out, some will play with quiet toys, some will color. As some children acclimate to sitting still better than others, please have grace as different parents approach this various ways. We plan to have the children’s bulletin, coloring pages, and colors available. Please bring your children’s Bibles and “church bags” and anything else that will help them. Also, here is a video for the kids so that they can get an idea of what to expect on Sunday morning.


We are excited to see people again, although at a distance, and look forward to worshiping with you soon.


In Christ,


Anna Quinn