C.S. Lewis circle

C.S.Lewis is considered one of the premier Christian thinkers and apologists of the 20th century. His brilliant exploration of the human condition and experience speak to the issues facing our times with clarity and insight. His writing is beautiful, his debates are formidable yet respectful, and his humor is winsome which makes reading his books both delightful and challenging.

The Circle was established to facilitate reading and discussing Lewis’ books in order to enjoy works that effectively marry reason and imagination, to gain a deeper understanding of the philosophical issues that undergird competing worldviews, and to equip participants to engage culture more deeply and confidently.

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Opening Fellowship Dinner

Tuesday, August 14

C. S. Lewis Circle

Fall Fellowship & Information Dinner

6:00 pm Puckett’s Restaurant, Downtown Columbia

RSVP to Sharon Vaughn 931-215-9142

Book for this fall will be The Pilgrim's Regress.