C.S. Lewis circle

C.S.Lewis is considered one of the premier Christian thinkers and apologists of the 20th century. His brilliant exploration of the human condition and experience speak to the issues facing our times with clarity and insight. His writing is beautiful, his debates are formidable yet respectful, and his humor is winsome which makes reading his books both delightful and challenging.

The Circle was established to facilitate reading and discussing Lewis’ books in order to enjoy works that effectively marry reason and imagination, to build relationships based on our mutual pursuit of the good and lovely, and  to gain a deeper understanding of this world and our place in it.

Spring 2021 study

In our first study of 2022, we will be diving into one of Lewis’ last {and favorite} books: 

Till We Have Faces : A Myth Retold

Bring your own copy of the book, perhaps a notebook + pen, and yourself ready for the best sort of evening - one with coffee, tea, passionate discourse, snacks, and childcare included!


February 3: Meet + Greet + General Introduction

February 24: Discuss Chapters 1-5, part 1

March 10: Discuss Chapters 6-10, part 1

March 24: Discuss Chapters 11-15, part 1

April 7: Discuss Chapters 16-21, part 1

April 21: Discuss Chapters 1-4, part 2

For questions and information, contact Jenny Sukut via text: 406-402-9520

Frequently asked questions


When does the Circle meet?

The Circle meets for about eight weeks each Fall and Spring every other Thursday evening from 6 to 8 p.m.

Where does the Circle meet?

We meet in the Annex of Zion Presbyterian Church, right behind the main sanctuary.

Whom do I contact if I am interested in getting started or need more information?

Jenny Sukut is the contact person for the Lewis Circle and can be reached at 406-402-9520..